Thursday, July 24, 2014

thinking of growing my hair all the way out…like Avan Jogia..

oscar worthy

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Anonymous said: Correct me if I'm wrong but did you say your haircut is about a 2 on the sides and about at least five inches on top (disconnected)? Also, is it longer in the front and shorter in the back or vice versa? Thanks, Jordan. Awesome page you got going on too.

Yes you’re correct and longer in the front and progressively shorter to the back! 

Anonymous said: Oh my god I would date you so hard.

Anonymous said: you should do another one of the cooking with jordan videos!

okie dokie :)

Anonymous said: Have you heard of The Cinematic Orchestra? If not then you should definitely listen to To Build A Home by them I think you'll like it(:

Will do :))

Anonymous said: Do little pieces of hair fall out for you when you do your hair or having a shower, by little I mean like 5 pieces of long hair

Yes more than that. 

Anonymous said: Beard/moustache etiquette video?

Tryyyying ;o

Anonymous said: Whenever i sweat even a little bit my hair goes all crazy. What should I do?

Not sweat. I’m kidding lol wear a hat afterwards to settle it down 

Anonymous said: Hi! You're amazing! I love you!

Thank you friends, much love! 

Anonymous said: Whats your face shape ?(idk if thats weird thing to ask but i think yours is like mine and im thinking about getting really short sides :D)


Anonymous said: What can i do with my curly hair? :)It's not very curly~ How to make it more easy to control?

Embrace it! Curly hair is awesome! But you can always straighten it I guess :)

Anonymous said: Hey Jordan, could you post a pic of your hair from the sides and back so I could show it to my barber, since we don't really have a word for undercut here in Finland :o So I just thought it would be easy to show a picture. :)