Monday, September 1, 2014

Anonymous said: Does your hair split in the middle as you slick it back wearing a cap/benie with no product?

Yeah or the left side

Anonymous said: Ariana Grande and Big Sean. Let that sink in a little Jordan.

It’s just a phase. Trust me.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Anonymous said: i was wondering if i could have your type of hair style even if i'm a girl and i have curly hair (and i can straighten it if that helps)? And what type of hairstyle would you recommend for me, i have a brunet afro/curly hair that stops at my shoulders. and thank you for the videos and the hard work that you put into them thank you.

Hmm I’m sure if you cut your hair the way mine is then yes of course you’d be able to achieve the same or similar hairstyles! Depends if you wanna cut it though :o

Anonymous said: What Is Your Height?


Anonymous said: Sad I didn't got an answer for my question while others does...

Sorry :/

Anonymous said: In that video for Hanz de fuko you did claymation you had something in you're hair before putting the product if I'm not mistaking what was it..? Seem like you had something in it..

With David? Nothing :o

Anonymous said: You're my dream boyfriend. Your personality and the way you carry yourself is perfect.

But this is real and I’m not that perfect :p

Anonymous said: Do You Use any Serum? Or Do You Use Any Product to Make Your Hair Better?


Anonymous said: Can you help me out how to use the permanent hair straightener cream? Some people said I could lose hair if I do it in a wrong way. I thought I just wash my hair, blow dry it, straighting with a flatiron, then add the cream, wait and wash again, is that wrong?

I have no the directions!! Hah don’t do it without knowing, I’ve never used it so I don’t know man I’m sorry :/

Anonymous said: Please don't let these comments about your height bother you. You seem like a really awesome guy and that's all that matters! <3

Haha they don’t bother me I’m used to it by now

Anonymous said: How short should I get my sides and back for an undercut? The top is 3 inches. I'm thinking a 2 on the sides and back

2 or 1 would be awesome :)

Anonymous said: Hey jordan, will the Sponge Wax of Hanz de fuko will give you an high volume as in the MVD vid? Btw how about them Hanz de Fuko sample give away? :D

It’ll give a nice high hold yes. And I’ll be making a video shortly :)

Anonymous said: Hey, I stumbled upon your videos on youtube, and to be truly honest, I feel extremely awed by your general style and demeanor. But unfortunately, I haven't been blessed with such nice hair, in fact, I'm actually already balding over the crown of my head. Any suggestions of hairstyles to help with my embarrassing predicament. I generally have a normal short wavy hair, but is the undercut appropriate for a balding head?

Unfortunately there aren’t many that I know of. If it’s slow then you can keep your hair a decent length..but short. If its noticeable and stuff I would personally just shave my head :(

Anonymous said: You probably get asked this a whole bunch but what are you studying at sfsu? You have great style btw man thank you so much for making vids.

Geography and thank you :)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Anonymous said: Do you have any idea when will slikhaar post your new vid?

They said this week…but I’m not sure…I’m waiting just as you are haha